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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Has Arrived

Another day has arrived.  The sun is filtering through my bedroom blinds, and I can hear the sound of singing.  The birds are all chattering in a bush near my bedroom.  Their voices are demanding seed, suet and all things good.   

It is a typical morning for the birds and I.   They will sit there chattering until I make the move to feed them.   It becomes a battle of who will hold out the longest -- me or them.  Can they chatter for hours on end?  Actually they can.  Can I withstand the constant chattering without breaking down?  Actually I can.  

So begins the battle.. 

I wrote yesterday that I needed to simplify my life.  The truth of the matter is that while I can simplify my life with material possessions and with some activities, I still have responsibilities.   I suppose I will always have responsibilities that I cannot possibly shrug off.  

Today is one of those days where I need to take care of some of those responsibilities.  My best friend will be picking me up later this afternoon to go visit a church friend of ours.  He has had such a difficult time of late.  He has been in and out of the hospital for a year now.  He has had complications involving his diabetes.  He's has had several knee replacement surgeries.  One of those surgeries resulted in a nasty infection that the doctors had a hard time ridding his body of.  He was left without a knee until the infection finally decided to leave his body.  Last week he had heart surgery.  His doctor did not think that he would survive the surgery, but he has; however, he wants to die now.  He needs to fight - not die.

Free community breakfast, late summer camping trip, prayer bears, Easter egg dyeing with a hunt on Easter, mother's day brunch, father's day bbq, a harvest festival and more than a handful of mission activities to prepare for.  These are just some of my responsibilities that I need to attend to. 
Whew.. I just made myself tired by thinking about all of it.  
As daunting as it may all sound, I am looking forward to each of them.  I just do not want to do them all today or tomorrow or even the next day.  Doling things out one bit at a time.

There is one event that I am anxious for.  The end of May I am scheduled to go to the shore for a church conference.  I was chosen to go and represent our church.  There I will be voting on what I feel would be in the best interest of our church.  I'm looking forward to that because it will mean 3 days at the beach (no children or husband), and my pastor tells me that communion will be held on the beach itself.  Wildwood is my favorite of all shore communities in NJ.  It will be beautiful.

But for now..  

Now a house needs to be cleaned, a shower needs to be taken and a child needs to be taken to work.  



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